WHAT DOES   Žara iz duvara   STAND FOR ?

Literal translation being NETTLE FROM A WALLit is a proverb used in the olden times in Bosnia and Herzegovina, rarely heard in common speech nowadays. DUVAR represents a wall, most specifically a wall encompassing an estate, and nettles that grow FROM A WALL are actually the first greeting a friend would receive, but also the first defense an enemy would approach.

WHAT DOES IT   mean   TO US ?

To us, it symbolizes the UNYIELDING POWER OF NATURE which always keeps giving us its best, 

without asking anything in return. 

Except to treat it with RESPECT.

NATURE'S   powerhouse

And so we proudly place nettles on PEDESTAL as nature's POWERHOUSE! It is both our joy and honor to present her to you

in a whole new way during your visit.

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